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Live Recordings Made at the Galax Old Fiddler's Convention

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The Songs and tunes presented on these albums were recorded in live competition at the Galax Old Fiddler's Convention, held in Felts Park in Galax, Virginia. This convention is sponsored by the Galax Moose Lodge #733. Known as the oldest and largest, this Fiddler's Convention is held during the second week in August each year. Held each year since 1935, with the exception of one year during World War II when travel was limited, hundreds of contestants and thousands of spectators attend each year, from all over the world.

The Galax Moose Lodge #733 feels that the Annual Old Fiddler's Convention is instrumental in perpetuating the country and mountain music which has been handed down from generation to generation in the Blue Ridge Mountains. In a small way, this sponsor is keeping alive the tunes and songs of years gone by for the people of today to enjoy. The music on these albums is not only rare and beautiful, but also important to anyone interested in musical history and in the traditions of an important region of the United States.



The following live recordings, recorded on the Heritage Records label, and may be ordered from:

The Heritage Shoppe

101 Coulson Church Road

Woodlawn, VA 24381

(276) 236-9249 Email: heritage@ls.net

          The following recordings are available on 33 1/3 rpm vinyl albums @ $9.98 each:          

30th Annual -- 1965

31th Annual -- 1966

32nd Annual -- 1967

33rd Annual -- 1968

34th Annual -- 1969

35th Annual -- 1970



36th Annual -- 1971

37th Annual -- 1972

38th Annual -- 1973

39th Annual -- 1974

40th Annual -- 1975

41st Annual -- 1976*

42nd Annual -- 1977

43rd Annual -- 1978

44th Annual -- 1979

45th Annual -- 1980

46th Annual -- 1981

47th Annual -- 1982

48th Annual -- 1983

49th Annual -- 1984

50th Annual -- 1985

51st Annual -- 1986

52nd Annual -- 1987

    The following recordings are available on audio cassettes @ $9.98 each:        

53rd Annual -- 1988

54th Annual -- 1989

55th Annual -- 1990

56th Annual -- 1991

57th Annual -- 1992


58th Annual -- 1993

59th Annual -- 1994

60th Annual -- 1995

61st Annual -- 1996

62nd Annual -- 1997



The following recordings are available on cds: Single cd @ $14.00 / Double cd set @ $18.00


HRC -CD-715 63rd Annual

HRC-CD-716 64th Annual

HRC-CD-717 65th Annual

HRC-CD-718 66th Annual

HRC-CD-719 67th Annual (2 cd set)+

HRC-CD-720 68th Annual (2 cd set)+

HRC-CD-721 69th Annual (2 cd set)+

HRC-CD-722 70th Annual

HRC-CD-723 71th Annual

+Includes additional music from 30 years ago+


Heritage Records Compact Discs-Various Artists

Single cds $14.00 each / 2 cd set $18.00

HRC-CD-005 Old Time Tunes From Coal Creek (Oldtime)

HRC-CD-038 Kyle Creed & Tommy Jarrell - "June Apple" (Oldtime)

HRC-CD-047 The Bell Spur String Band - Recorded in 1963 (Oldtime)

HRC-CD-067 Galax International, 2 cd set of oldtime bands

HRC-CD-073 Otis Burris & Fortune (Bluegrass)

HRC-CD-094 Phyllis Gaskins, Mountain Duncimer (Galax Style)

HRC-CD-619 The Piney Creek Weasles - "Go Long Mule" (Oldtime)

HRC-CD-632 Tim Smith - "Straight From the Heart" (Fiddle BG)

HRC-CD-637 Ron Mesing - "The Gravesdigger" (Dobro BG)

HRC-CD-638 The Christian Quartet - "Give Jesus All My Rewards" (Gospel)

HRC-CD-650 Arnie Solomon - "Quarter Century" (Mandolin BG)

HRC-CD-651 Jim Shumate - "A Collection Volume 1" (Fiddle BG)

HRC-CD-654 Steve Kilby - "Plain & Fancy" (Guitar Pickin')

HRC-CD-1290 Jerry Correll - "Dandy Tunes and Banjo Friends" (Oldtime)

The New Ballards Branch Bogtrotters

HRC-CD-116 The Galax Way

HRC-CD-131 Tribute to the Past

HRC-CD-127 Up and down Old Ballard's Branch with Bobby Taylor

HRC-CD-137 Once I Had a Fortune with Eddy Bond

HRC-CD-140 Whoopin - Hollar Stringband - "Git Er Done" with Jake Krack

Zeke Saunders & The Blades of Grass

HRC-CD-636 There'll Be No Broken Hearts For Me

HRC-CD-653 I'll Break Out Tonight

HRC-CD-657 Flys Again

The Laurel Fork Travelers With the Late Arnold Spangler

HRC-CD-114 Pickin' And Singing Old Time

HRC-CD-117 Bound to Ride

Mike Fenton from England - Autoharp Master

HRC-CD-1280 The Best of Mike Fenton

HRC-CD-1291 Old Time Journey

New Release

HRC-CD-2213 The Shady Mountain Ramblers (2 cd set) (Oldtime)